Agrakhanum, g.bay, 2007,
line Peren, 158-157-176-19

PRICE - 4000 EUR

Gold-bay filly Agra was born at the studfarm Julduz in 2007. She is the daughter of magnificent racer Garphan, who won the Prize of Turkmenistan - the longest horse race which is 6000 metres long. He was also the winner of several traditional prizes. Such race class is not surprising. The grandfather of Agra - a gold-buckskin named Garpun - was one of the best racers of the mid-nineties. He has won the Summer, Kalinin, Opening, Big summer, and Introductory prizes. He raced sixteen times and each time achieved prize-winning placement. Now Garpun is one of the best sires of Kazakhstan and has already sired several champions of Kazakhstan. Garpun is also a well-known movie star. In 2008 he played the leading role of the stallion Gulsary in the film "Goodbye Gulsary". The mother of Agra is the gold-chestnut Askyn, who also belongs to our studfarm. She is a large but typical mare with very good conformation. She belongs to the Arab line and is the daughter of the black stallion Azhan II, who was also a magnificent racer. He won seven out of thirteen races.

In general, the pedigree of Agra is flush with race horses. In her origin is inbreeding by the magnificent racer Kaltaman. There are horses such as Garem who demonstrated high speed over short distances, Garpun, winner of many traditional prizes, and Asman, who was one of the best sires of race horses of our time. Agra is a very quick, sociable and naughty filly. She likes to play very much and she is the invariably the leader of the young horses.

N100801297 Garphan, buckskin, 1997 1161 Garpun, buckskin, 1991 967 Pudok 914 Polotli
1539 Kaplja
1752 Gunym 919 Sere
1462 Gubdenli
2120 Alabahar, buckskin, 1983 870 Garem 11 699 Gundogar
1597 Mantia 7
1710 Aisona 883 Kaltaman
1112 Alsona
N101003603 Askyn, g.chestnut, 2003 1020 Ajan 2nd, black, 1981 854 Akbelek 2 672 Akbar
1193 Elsona
1800 Keramika 12 893 Kepter 18
1306 Morfologia
v pr.2768 Sonagul, bay, 1999 1140 Asman 1067 Koldun
2565 Almagul
2768 Keik 985 Dagestan
2752 Kalina

  • 2012 - buckskin colt Arpan - sire Prospekt
  • 2013 - buckskin colt Aslambek - sire Asket

Covered with stallion Prospekt in 2013


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