AR001 Arab Padede, bay, 2007, 157-172-18,5

Registered in WAHO
Combination of the best race bloodlines of Russia and France.

PRICE IS 1000 eur

She was in training on the Warsaw hippodrome.  

Bay mare Padede was born in 2007 at the Veles stud farm, Russia. This young filly combines the best race blood of France and Russia. Her father Djohn, one of the best sons of the French stallion Nougatin, who is known for race offspring worldwide and is one of the best sires standing at Kossack stud in Holland. Djohn's mother, Dzhokonda, is the daughter of the outstanding Peleng - the Champion of Holland, who was sold to the USA at auction for three million USA dollars in 1985. Djohn raced very well in Russia. He won two traditional prizes at the Pyatigorsk hippodrome and was the second in the Arabian Derby in 2003. Other daughters of Djohn are already successfully racing at the Pyatigorsk and Samara (Russia) and Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan) hippodromes.

The mother of Padede, bay mare Pchelka, is one of the best race mares in Russia. She has won many traditional prizes, including main prize for three-year old mares - OKS.

Padede is a very large, powerful, sturdy filly with magnificent gaits. She has a quiet character; she is sociable and obedient. 


Photos with girl without saddle was taken in October 2014

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