Memory, bay, 2005,
line Fakirpelvan, 161-161-185-19, class 1

PRICE - 4000 EUR

Bay Memory has been born in 2005 in stud farm Akhalt-Service. She has the most unique pedigree, which now is very difficult for repeating. It was doubtless good luck to receive Memory, as her mother had a serious trauma of the uterus was barren for a long time. Her mother - bay Marsia is one of the last daughters of the magnificent racer Omar. And the father of Memory - buckskin Mihman - the grandson of Omar. Memory has inbreeding on Omar in degree 2-3. For this reason she has such name - in memory of Omar. The mother of Memory - Marsia also mother of two magnificent sires - bay elite Makat of line Toporbay and bay Metman of line Arab. Metman - one of the best AT horses in the USA in sports quality. He is a magnificent jumper. He was the Champion in jumper class in Florida. He has received a title of “best sport horse” at an exhibition in Kentucky. He is the father of wonderful foals.

Itself Memory is very large, well boned and powerful mare. She is outwardly very similar to the grandfather and the great-grandfather - Omar. She has a little bit hook-nosed profile, a long neck, high feet. She was prepared for racing at the Krasnodar hippodrome, but unfortunately did not race, as she had been bought by us. We rest our big hopes on this mare and of her children, that they will continue the sports career in races and endurance in Europe. 

N101002900 Mihman, g.buckskin, 2000 1228 Maksut 2, black, 1989 1083 Omar 910 Opal
1631 Oktava
2014 Mushmula 960 Muhtar
1305 Moroshka
2794 Malka, palomino, 1994 1069 Kortik 969 Rokot
1987 Korsika
2853 Moksha 1073 Meidanli
1900 Angarka
2803 Marsia, bay, 1989 1083 Omar, black, 1981 910 Opal 828 Fakirpelvan
1310 Ovgan
1631 Oktava 932 Horgos
1627 Ovodan
2003 Melegyl, buckskin, 1979 927 Fakel 682 Almaz
1381 Filfil
1600 Mahim 715 Kadam
1608 Melekeik

  • 2010 - abortion in February 2010 - sire N101001398 Duigur
  • 2011 - bay colt Marburg - sire Abebe
  • 2012 - chestnut filly Morandi - sire Abebe
  • 2013 - black colt Muldar - sire Duigur

Covered with stallion Lamart in 2013


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