Gagur (semen AI), cremello, 1997,
line Gundogar, 156-158-176-19, class Elite

  • Champion of breed, Equiros - 2001 
  • Reserve Champion of breed, Lenexpo - 2002


Cremello stallion Gagur has become very popular in Russia and Europe. Right from the start in 2000 he shone at the Russian exhibitions and was champion of the breed at the exhibition Equiros. Gagur has often been featured in videos and picture stories, and is the hero of articles about horses of the Akhal-teke breed. In 2002 he was approved as a sire and his first son Bengurion also became the champion of the breed in St.-Petersburg. It was an omen of future success – “the first swallow of spring”. In 2003 he was requested as a sire at the Julduz stud farm in Krasnodar territory. With his first crop of foals came more success – there’s gold buckskin colt Pigotkhan - prize-winner of the World championship in 2007, and smoky black Gunekhanum - the best race mare of 2008 and the winner of many traditional prizes, including the big prize (prize of Pazilla) for two-year old mares, the big prize (OKS) for three-year mares and third place in the Championship of Russia. Another son - gold buckskin Gagarkhan – has become Supreme Champion of the European Akhal-Teke Championships 2008 in Gut Ising (Germany) and winner of Koerung in Germany for stallions in 2009. Cremello daughter Bagrakhanum is the Young Champion of Europe 2009.

Gagur belongs to the Gelishikli line, a branch of the Gundogar line. He is a typical representative of this line and is outwardly very similar to his great-grandfather - gold stallion Gaukhar. Gagur’s parentage combines a high race class with a bright type of Akhal-teke horse. Gagur has been tested on mares with different degrees of typicalness, and the resulting foal is always an improvement, no matter what quality of mare. In the vast majority of cases he produces horses superior to both sire and dam.

Gagur is offered for breeding with AI.

1171 Gigant 17, grey, 1987 1045 Gektor 12, grey, 1982 944 Gaukhar 4 870 Garem 11
1616 Merkenka 20
1548 Kaska 9 739 Kemer
1101 Aksioma 12
1893 Akbella 14, black, 1980 854 Akbelek 2 672 Akbar
1193 Elsona
1132 Asmana 11 690 Askol
1114 Alma 71
2690 Gumsara, buckskin, 1991 999 Munir, g.buckskin, 1979 866 Vatanchi 724 Kara Kir
1469 Guldzhahan
1305 Moroshka 763 Master
1131 Asa
2240 Gumry 24, black, 1986 1015 Toretai 871 Gindekush
1355 Talant
1915 Garagyz 685 Angar
1731 Galaktika (Galpakli)

2003 (Sankt-Peterburg, Argamak stud)

  • Buckskin stallion BENGUR out in br.2466 Hanym Soltan (bay)
  • Buckskin stallion BENGURION out  in br.2466 Hanym Sajat (bay)

2005 (Julduz stud, Russia)

  • Buckskin stallion PIGOTKHAN out  N101001199 Peikam (bay)
  • Smocky black mare GUNEKHANUM out N101005497 Elba (buckskin)
  • Smocky black filly FAGRAKHANUM (died) out  N101001299 Firuza (bay)
  • Palomino colt (died from accident) out N101004100 Bibikhanum (palomino)

2006 (Julduz stud and O. Boguzkii, Russia)

  • Palomino mare GULPAMYK out  N101001199 Peikam (bay)
  • Buckskin stallion GAGARKHAN out N101001501 Ganzha (black)
  • Buckskin mare BAGITLYKHANUM out N100801995 Bagi (bay)
  • Palomino stallion GANGSTER out  N100800896 Gulli (bay)

2007 (Julduz stud and O. Boguzkii, Russia)

  • Cremello mare GEORGINA out N101006403 Gafera (buckskin)
  • Cremello mare FARIZAKHANUM out v pr. 2565 Firuza (chestnut)
  • Cremello mare BAGRAKHANUM out N101004100 Bibikhanum (palomino)

2009 (Boguzkii Oleg, Russia)

  • Buckskin mare GALMIRA  out N101006403 Gafera (buckskin)

2010 (Stavropol stud, Russia)

  • Palomino mare (died because accident)  out v pr.1998 Merdjengul (bay)
  • Palomino mare RIFMA out v pr. Romantika (bay)

2011 (Alania stud, Slovakia)

  • Palomino mare FARGIZA  out Farida (chestnut)
  • Palomino mare BUGATTI out Bibikhanum (palomino)


2012 (Alania stud, Slovakia)

  • Palomino mare FILEGIA  out Farida (chestnut)

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