Duigur (semen AI), g.buckskin, 1998,
line Sere, 165-163-175-19,5, class Elite

  • Prizewinner (III) of World Championship -2006 (Moscow)



Stallion Dujgur was born in 1998 in Julduz studfarm of Krasnodar territory, Russia. He has passed race tests on Krasnodar and Pyatigorsk hippodromes. After his race career he has been used as a stud in studfarm Julduz. Simultaneously he has been trained for show jumping. In 2006 he successfully started on the Cup of Krasnodar and Akhal-Teke World championship in Moscow jumping 110-140 cm of height.

Dujgur – (in Turkmen "Sensitive or Heedful")– is a powerful (167 at withers), beautiful stallion with kind, sweet, and sometimes naughty character. He is still a young Sire, but his first daughter - Farida-khanum was the Young Reserve World champion in 2006. Dujgur in the same year won the third place in the World championship among stallions of 5-10 years. Offspring of Dujgur have begun their race careers, but on the Krasnodar hippodrome they already known such names as; Kaskad-khan out of Keik, Kedy-khanum out of Kalina, and Dakar-khan out Kalina. It is no wonder, since his father Asman is considered one of the best Sire of race horses.

Stallion Dujgur has a Class ELITE with grades; for type - 7,8 , for conformation - 8,5. All children from Dujgur are very tall, powerful with magnificent conformation.

Stallion Dujgur is offered for AI breeding.

1140 Asman, bay, 1992 1067 Koldun, buckskin, 1980 919 Sere 579 Sinok
1195 Enish
1575 Koldunja 828 Fakirpelvan
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2565 Almagul, buckskin, 1987 973 Abdulrahman 883 Kaltaman
1652 Sajat
2377 Melevshe 960 Muhtar
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2666 Gortenzia, palomino, 1984 910 Opal, d.chestnut, 1968 828 Fakirpelvan 629 Fakir Sulu
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1927 Gulizar, cremello, 1979 919 Sere 579 Sinok
1195 Enish
1469 Guldzhahan 697 Gelishikli
1158 Gul

2004 (Julduz stud, Russia)

  • Dark bay mare KEDYKHANUM out 2752 Kalina
  • Chestnut mare FARIDAKHANUM out v pr.2921 Fergana

2005 (Julduz stud, Russia)

  • Buckskin stallion DAMASK-KHAN out 2752 Kalina
  • Buckskin stallion KASKAD-KHAN out 2768 Keik

2006 (Julduz stud, Russia)

  • Chestnut stallion DOMBAI-KHAN out in br.2775 Bibikhanum

2007 (Julduz stud, Russia)

  • Black stallion DAG-KHAN out v pr.2729 Gandja

2008 (Julduz stud, Russia)

  • Dark buckskin mare GULDEKHANUM out v pr. 2729 Gandja
  • Buckskin stallion EDELVEIS-KHAN out v pr.2921 Elba

2009 (private owner, Russia)

  • Bay mare DILDASH out Altyngozel
  • Dark buckskin mare DAMESH out Akymkhanum

2011 (Alania-stud, Slovakia)

  • Grey mare ODILIA out Omega
  • Perlino mare DARDENA out Durana

           (private owner, Austria)

  • Bay stallion DCHINGIZ-KHAN out Guldeste Gul

2012 (Alania-stud, Slovakia)

  • Bay stallion  ALAMDOR out Alem
  • Chestnut mare DALDARIA out Djipri
  • Buckskin mare ALIANDRA out Aguda

2013 (Alania-stud, Slovakia)

  • Bay mare   AGUNDA out Al-Djaira
  • Black stallion MULDAR out Memori
  • Cremello stallion SADULLA out Simfila

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